We provide qualified healthcare professionals that serve the community with passion, compassion, and empathy. Healthcare consulting is a complex field and we fulfill your requirements with finding candidates that are licensed, certified and skilled in their work. Our team works tirelessly to find most adept positions for our healthcare professionals and to ensure our clients can safely provide outstanding care to the ailing and ill.

We partner with national, regional and local medical organizations including Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, Home Health and Behavioral Health facilities.

Our healthcare professionals pool includes Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Vocational Nurses/Licensed Practical Nurses (LVN/LPN), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Scrub/Sterile Processing, Medical Technologists, Phlebotomist, Medical Assistants, Case Managers, etc. All our candidates are properly credentialed, screened, and licensed. We ensure they are able to perform the duties assigned to them safely as per policy/protocol of the facilities and Joint Commission of Health (JCOH) guidelines.

Recruitment Process

Our team of experts work closely with our clients to understand their needs. These experts then take time and effort to correspond a candidate with a position that will guarantee the success of the candidate and strengthen a long term relationship between the client and the consultant.

Our 360˚ recruitment process allows us to run effectively and results in the best candidates to fill our client’s staffing needs. We work with every client’s unique needs and come up with a specific plan that makes sense for them. You will be pleased at how we customize each and every solution.

We develop a targeted search strategy for given assignment, starting with a thorough understanding of the job, and how it fits within the organization.
We work to understand company culture, and the tangible and intangible aspects – that define the personal and professional requirements of the open position.
We target experience, but more importantly, we’re evaluating the depth of knowledge and soft skill traits that set individuals apart.

Service Offerings

In today’s environment, healthcare facilities are faced with funding gaps or workforce shortages and need assistance with short-term (1-3 Weeks) or long-term (13-26 Weeks) healthcare staffing. Our team members understand the nuances of healthcare contracting and deliver the specific skills our clients need to provide quality care. For our healthcare professionals, we provide them the flexibility to choose the location and shifts that works best for them, allowing them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Our recruitment process, focused on both skills and culture – enables us to bring suitable healthcare professionals to the facilities that they would not want to let go. A dedicated member of our recruitment team will serve as your partner and advocate throughout the entire relationship, ensuring a smooth and rewarding transition at the end of the contract.

Our recruitment team works with healthcare facilities to source for their needs of skilled healthcare professionals for full-time employment. Our clients utilize direct hire models to uncover fresh talent, while reducing the overall cost of hiring, and increasing their ability to find the right person for their team.

Our recruitment team is focused on quick, reliable locum tenens physician staffing. Our team understand that staffing shortages can be costly to your organization, leading to lost revenue and delays in treatment, long waiting times and even physician burnout. Our team works to provide Locum Tenens physicians that can step into the breach during staffing gaps created by vacancies, vacations and periods of high demand.